Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boehner Brings Me to Tears, Too

John Boehner, like Dick Nixon and myself, was born to humble beginnings.  Like Dick and myself, Boehner worked hard to pull himself up, and the fact that he has "made it" to Speaker of the House, brings him to tears.  The thought that I might run out of savings before my social security kicks in, if John Boehner and his cronies don't get to it first, is what brings me to tears.

I was taking a little peek at Boehner's expenditures.  I was impressed.  The man spent $25,000 in one year at the Bighorn Golf Club in Yucca Valley, California.  If you don't have a map handy let me just say that that is nowhere near Washington, D.C.  And I had only gotten to the B's.  Even though the small print was making my eyes blurry and I had had to cancel my opthalmologist appointment because I couldn't make the co-pay ($20 plus whatever else Blue Cross can figure out how to not pay for, $60 last appointment), I decided I really needed to know how much the man spent for golf.  So I went back to and went throught the whole list, and came up with $15,562 to Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohion, and a whopping $34,646 to Wetherington Golf and Country Club in Westchester, Ohio.  Also, when someone takes his golf that seriously, you would expect that he would spend at least $803 at Par Golf Supply.

Now I'm really not a rube.  I learned that these events were not for the hard-working John Boehner's pleasure.  Each one of them was for a fund-raising event of some sort.  Which I guess makes it tax deductible, at the very least.  But Boehner has worked hard all his life and deserves not to pay taxes whenever he gets the opportunity.

And if they happen to let him on the golf course for a few holes, or whatever they are called, at no charge, that is just business.  Because John Boehner knows how hard it is for small businesses to survive in this dog-eat-dog country.

I'm not saying that John Boehner has done anything wrong.  What I'm saying is, 1) the amounts of money the man spends to be a congressman blows my mind, and 2) if the republic party is going to be going over every penny President Obama spends, I'm sure they won't mind if we take a look at their expenditures, and 3) I got my information on the internet, so I know it's true.

And I want to conclude by saying that anyone who spends $1,660 on valet parking at Sharp's Valet Parking cannot possibly be in touch with what people like me have to do to get by.  You may have started out like I did, Mr. Boehner, but you sure lost touch along the way. 

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