Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Miss Me Yet?"

Hey, wait - it's only been two years!  One of the most decent things W. had done was disappear after President Obama's inauguration.  One of the happiest sights I'd ever seen was this former president's backside.  I know, it meant I couldn't wear my "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot" t-shirt anymore, because hallelujah! it wasn't true anymore.  He may still be lost, but now he's found.

And then the inevitable bad news.  The smaller Bush had moved up from reading The Pet Goat to "authoring" a book.  I say "authoring" because, as he admitted :

"I have written a book. This will come as quite a shock to some. They didn't think I could read, much less write."

Sarah Palin at least admitted to having a ghost writer.  But if you believed in weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I guess you might buy a book written by W., himself.  But be forewarned, if you do buy the book, every penny of the profits will go to Bush.

Not even a penny to stock his presidential library.  That's right, our tax dollars will continue to pay for this guy's infamy.  So, instead of actual cash, which, thanks to eight years of the Bush presidency, I am quite short of, thank you very much, I would like to donate my very own books.  These are documents of the eight years that were painstakingly, even lovingly, collected by me, and I will be sending the "former president" a photo so that he can find a suitable location.

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