Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simpler than You Might Think

Here in South Carolina, even in Charleston, even in a library in Charleston, you can hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a whole mess of republicans.  And to my surprise, I have had conversations with a couple of them in which they indicated frustration with this government for refusing to stand firm on raising taxes on the wealthy among us.

Polls are idiotic.  I personally hang up on pollsters; they should never have been exempted from the Do-Not-Call Registry law.  Questions are poorly worded and/or incomplete and/or leading.  I am compelled to yell at whatever news person is reporting polling results, and this election season, there was a lot of yelling.  So a lot of us are unhappy with Obama?  Gee, that helps.

It seems to me that smart Democrats would be down here, yes, in the South, talking to all us poor slobs about why we are ticked off.  Is it because you want "less government"???  What the hell does that mean?  As far as I can tell from talking to actual people, we all want as much government as we use, and some of us understand that you can't only pay taxes on what you use, or nobody would get anything.

I believe those who are informed by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin voted for Nikki Haley.  Those who were uninformed stayed home.  A lot of us had no clue that allowing Haley to win would mean funding being slashed for government services WE USE.  Really.

I've heard some very odd rationales for why a voter has chosen a certain candidate (as opposed to just voting party line).  Misinformed? You bet.  But how hard were the Democrats working to inform us?

We need specifics.  And we need specifics that address stuff we think is important.  And we want you to think our stuff is important too.  Sadly, most voters don't care about democratic ideals.  But they will be tickled if they think you're listening to them.

That's what the folks in the republic party have figured out.

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