Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pretending to Be ... You and Me

You know I fast forward through TV commercials, but when I saw Tim Scott I slowed it down ... then I rewound it ... then I did it again ... and then I wrote it down.  Then I shut my mouth, which had been hanging open for some time.

Here's the appointed Senator:

"I've gone all throughout South Carolina, doing everyday jobs with strong, everyday people, so that I could understand their dreams, their passions and what inspires them.  I've bagged groceries, I've waited tables, cut chicken and swept floors..." (group of well dressed, mostly white older folk milling about, hanging -- casually -- on his words, laugh), "...even separated clothes at the Goodwill.  And what I've learned is so powerful....  Everyday people understand that they have been empowered by the greatness of our country."

First of all, what is this "everyday people" crap?  Obviously he is talking about us.  Which sets us apart from... Tim Scott.  Oh, he throws in the word "strong" so it doesn't sound condescending.  Only because he is being condescending.

Well, Tim Scott apparently has been out in the upper reaches for so long that he felt the need to come down to commune with us "everyday people."  He's bagged groceries.  The man has "even" separated clothes at Goodwill.  Excuse my French as well as my redundance, but what a condescending piece of crap.

And the human props in the ad:  one African American woman (might as well kill two demographics with one stone), one Hispanic looking man, dressed as though he's just come from his middle class job.  And an assortment of middle-aged, pleasant looking and prosperous white men.  Imagine the auditions.

But back to the rousing speech.  Because we are about to find out what our fellow Tim has learned that is "so powerful...."

I'm figuring that after a few eight hour shifts "cutting chicken" (and is there a Tyson poultry plant hereabouts?) and sweeping floors, he's probably gotten an earful.  No doubt he's heard about how hard it is to get a day off to take care of a sick kid, not to mention stay home with the flu.  Or maybe his co-workers have proudly told him about their kids who graduated college but can't find jobs, or have been having a hard time paying down their student loans.  I'm thinking he must have heard lots of stories about living on the wages from that job sweeping floors, and about trying to find the money to pay the month's rent as well as the car repair.

But NO.

What our Tim Scott has learned in the time he spent with those people he obviously has to go out of his way to meet these days, is that "everyday people understand that they have been empowered by the greatness of our country."

Well, let me just say this about that.  Tim, you really need to not just push those brooms around when you go out to be with us "everyday people."  You need to listen to what we are telling you.  Because you are really the one who has "been empowered by the greatness of our country."  The rest of us have just been getting by, one day at a time.  We worry about our family's health, our children's "minimally adequate" education, our jobs -- which, I might add, don't come with the great benefits that your job provides.  We worry about whether we will make it to retirement age before our tired old bones give out, and whether we will have enough in our monthly social security checks to get by.

You, Tim, are smarmy and self-satisfied.  You have had those rich folks praising you for so long you actually believe the crap they are telling you.  They are paying you, and showering you with praise and fake awards, so that you will continue to vote to give them power without responsibility so that they can continue to make buckets of money while us "everyday people" struggle with all the things that can go wrong in our lives, while you spend a couple of hours pretending you are one of us.

Paul Ryan tried that once during his vice presidential campaign.  He pushed his way into a soup kitchen, pretending to clean already clean pots and pans, in order to create a photo op.  Tim Scott is using the same political playbook.  And I truly hope it works as well for Scott as it did for Ryan.

Back to Tim's pandering TV ad.  This disgusting ad ends by calling him "A senator for all of South Carolina."  Well, no, he's not.  He's not even much of a senator for most of South Carolina.  He is a man who has his head set on getting ahead, so he can hobnob with his wealthy friends.

So lets spread the word about the woman who is running against this puffed up hypocrite.  We need to elect someone who truly knows what her constituents are going through day to day.  We need someone who understands what it is like to be afraid of losing a job, to worry about your child's education, to work hard for too little pay.  We need someone who will fight for us.  That someone is Joyce Dickerson.

Joyce Dickerson
...and she's not afraid to speak her mind.

She doesn't have the buckets of money flowing into her campaign like Tim Scott has, because she doesn't cater to the wealthy and the big corporations.  So you might not see a lot of ads, but mark your calendar to see her debate Scott on ETV on October 28.

And spread the word.

Joyce Dickerson
US Senate

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